[Report] UKCE Wiggle Devil punchbowl sportive

So we had a beautiful week of weather leading up to the ‘wiggle’ Devils punch bowl ride! 

With a keen eye on my weather app, Saturdays weather looked Grim to say the least..... typical! 
But I wasn’t about to let the weather bring what would be one of the best 3C rides of the year down that’s for sure! 

There wasn’t much love coming my way when I first put out the message that we would be leaving home for the start at 6:30am, which in turn turned out to be wet, windy, cold and dark!!! 

We all got on the road on time (even Miss Warner!) making our way to Surrey for the start. 
Upon arrival rain seemed to be holding off, however this was short lived, after registration whilst getting ready the heavens opened!! I thought that was it, we were going to get very, very wet! Fortunately not.....

Luckily the temperature was good, so without further ado we saddled up and headed for the start, having all come to the decision that we would take on the standard at 54 miles and not the longer epic 79 mile route as first planned. 

Off we went, I was very relieved the rain had stopped, phew! 

The route we took was well planned and took in some lovely scenery and some good climbs, and over the 54 miles we managed 3200ft of elevation. 

Unfortunately there was a little spill, not one of ours thankfully just somebody riding with us at the time. 

We made sure she was ok and got back on our way. 

After lots of great banter and a few chain offs and a short pit stop at the feed station (for some much needed cheesy Doritos), the end was in touching distance.

The rain had dampened the day a little (and made for some dirty roads, and even DIRTIER bikes) but certainly not our spirits that’s for sure, the 10 of us crossed the line 2 by 2 as always looking ever the pro (ish) team! All in team tops! 

Finish line crossed, team photo taken, socks and medal got, it was time to reload the cars and head for a very much needed panini and a Diet Coke! 

Thanks for reading 

As always all are welcome to future away rides, which are posted here and on the Facebook page.