3C Christmas Party!

Its that time of year, Christmas is looming and some people over-enthusiastically start singing christmas carols on the first of December, whilst others 'bah-humbug' until January rolls around.

3C have always been organised and came together on Saturday the 3rd to celebrate and be merry together. There were lots of bemused faces as people started arriving in attire that wasn't lycra; apparently its very hard to tell people apart when they don't have their bikes, who'd have thought it!

That being said, apparently 3C are a good looking bunch who scrub up well and the merriment soon started when Careys Manor brought out the first round of prosecco. There was extra celebrating as our club secretary (Martin Balk) had the fortunate luck to be born on the same day - Happy birthday Martin.

The evening was filled with drinking, eating, joking and of course, dodgy dancing! 'The Morning After' the brave few who decided to tackle the hangover head on, met at the shop for a 10am ride down to Lepe beach and a much needed full english breakfast!

On behalf of everyone who attended, a big big thanks goes to Em Warner who organised the whole evening, it was fantastic!